New Media and Freedom of expression.

Benefits of the new media in education course can be a means of learning and exchanging information freely. Moreover, there is now a system of E-learning. What is E-learning? E-learning is a teaching and learning program in which we do not bother to seek information for E-learning using the Internet. We learn the lessons without textbooks and can see real examples by searching on the internet. Educational books now also can be downloaded digitally, and so we no longer need to waste paper.
In the field of information, new media provide benefits that are not less difference with education. Now, people can access all the information; ranging from information latest news, political news, economic news, health news, lifestyle and fashion news, and sports news is loved by many people using the Internet media. Many websites that present the news at the top, so the information we can also more extensive.

On the business side is not less interesting benefits with other fields. Let’s see how many online shop are scattered in social media you have? Many do not you? It’s one of the benefits. New media used men to bring the ladder into the realm more modern. We became easier by the existence of this online shop. Especially now that there is such thing or which offers buy-sell system easily accessible to the Pakistan. By doing so, the new media can bring the Pakistani economy toward better because a lot of people who jump into the business world. We do not need to be face to face, do not need to leave home, do not bother carrying groceries we buy now because it is their online shop that continues to grow.


And the last I will explain the benefits of new media for human life is a benefit in the social field. Social hear the word itself, we would immediately think toward social media is now scattered in the realm of the internet. Starting from Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, and others. With this medium, we can socialize with close relatives and can also keep in touch with distant relatives of ours. The new media can also be a means of entertainment for humans. Their,, and others we can obtain a variety of entertainment without having to move from our position. But, with the new media is certainly an impact for the old media that has long existed in human life. This raises the problem of sufficient feel for the people of Pakistan as well as the world. The old media must increasingly be abandoned because the old media is more likely to be impractical than new media. Not only that, the use of internet is not evenly distributed in Pakistan caused some parts of the region will fall behind the net. They still live a primitive and never know what it is new media.

A case in point is the debate on the National Exam online. As we know, the plan to revamp the National Examination previously written or manually into the online system. Changes were initially believed to improve the education system is in fact not been implemented until now. Again, the problems of the uneven spread of the Internet is the reason that until now hamper the implementation of the discourse. Because, if it is still being done online National Exam, the students in areas that are not familiar with the new media will be difficult to follow.


Not just a case of the National Exam online discourse, for the world press their new media also raises a problematic. The problem with the new media, everyone can be a source of news, so that the press is not the sole source of news for the community. This causes people to be more critical and cannot be influenced by the press, because the information they need can be provided from a variety of sources. Freedom of expression of each individual to deliver an update, causing the world press must work harder to keep them interested and trusted by the community.