New Media and Freedom of Expression, Media, Press and Individuals

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New Media and Freedom of Expression Media / Press and Individuals

Every human being has the right to the expression of their own opinion. Freedom of expression is one way humans interact with each other. Anyone can deliver what they want in the media, the internet access is fast and easy to reach. Media provides a platform for people to aspire to, but there are some limitations that need to be known by the public or users.
Restrictions that makes people cannot arbitrarily say also in mediated (internet). Many media users are not aware of what they said in the media, giving rise to the conflict. Conflicts caused also not a small conflict, a conflict that caused the dispute may lead to a war between several groups.
Thus, new media such as internet media have set limits or rules that do not make fret sesame media users. Not only from the new media, but from the government are also no regulations or laws regarding freedom of expression in any media. So that people do not abuse their rights in the opinion.
In maximum cases, it helps us as users and consumers of the media should be more literate and aware of the freedom of expression. There are times when we are more critical and questioning things that are fundamentally why the book and film screenings are considered normal can it be taken for things terrible. This is where the public can judge, which is excessive in prohibiting a person or group in bereavement.