Famous Boundary Lines

Border Lines Between Countries 
16th Parallel Line: Namibia and Angola
17th Parallel Line: North Vietnam and South Vietnam Before two countries were combined.
24th Parallel Line: Pakistan Claims for boundary between India and Pakistan.
36th Parallel Line: Missouri State and Arkansas State.
38th Parallel Line: North Korea and South Korea.
40th Parallel Line: Northern Boundary of the British Colony of Maryland
42th Parallel Line: New York and Pennsylvania.
49th Parallel Line: United States and Canada
Alpine Line: Italy and France
Durand Line: Pakistan and Afghanistan
Hidden burg Line: Germany and Poland
Line of Control: Pakistan and India (Kashmir)
Maginot Line: France and Germany
Mannerheim Line: Russia and Finland
Market Reef: Sweden and Finland
Mc Mohan Line: India and China
Medicine Line: Canada and United State
Order Neisse Line: Poland and Germany
Pal Strait Line: India and Sri Lanka
Radcliffe Line: Pakistan and India